Wedding Photography as Unique as You Are

New York City, NY
United States

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Every couple wants wedding photographs that faithfully capture the magic and beauty of their special day. Unfortunately, they too often end up spending half their wedding budget on a series of unimaginative, posed shots. One size does not fit all, especially with wedding photography! No two couples are alike - no two weddings should be shot the same way.

I work with you to get the photographs you want - taking into account the personality of the couple and your guests, the aesthetics and size of the ceremony, and everything else that makes your event unique. I use only the best equipment to create cinema-quality photo and video that will delight you. I get the good shots without disrupting the proceedings- after all, the day is about you and your guests, not some photographer. The best photographs are often taken when the subjects forget they are being filmed.

My prices are reasonable and negotiable. Please contact me with any questions or for a quote. I am available for any photography, videography, editing or retouching job you need done.