Water tank tote 275 gallon, as low as $20 (See Conrad for the BEST products and prices anywhere!)

Las Vegas, NV
United States

Over 70 on hand. Over 90 sold last 3 weeks.'
Food grade FDA certified safe "for food contact", pure virgin plastic 275 gallon tank. Contained pure USP food grade liquid sugar, "99.7% pure Kosher Glycerin". Like new condition. 50 available now.
Super sale $140, includes $20 drain reducer adapter, 2" to garden hose.
$120 without adapter
Best product and price anywhere!

For car washing, auto detailing, concrete work, diesel fuel storage waste oil etc. Contained liquid soap, bleach, etc. 275 gallon ,
With $20 2" drain to garden hose adapter $100
Without drain adapter $80

For scrap metal, waste oil, firewood, blacktop sealant. etc. Contains residual water base printing ink.
With factory steel pallet base $50
With factory hardwood pallet base $20

Delivery available.. Call or text for address and availability any day between 8:00am and 8:00pm. 702-858-0090

Sale daily by appointment.
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