*Scalp Micro Pigmentation (aka Hair tattoo) $1000 for the month of JAN

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***Scalp Micro Pigmentation (aka Hair tattoo) $1000 for the month of JAN****

Are you dealing with hair loss and want an amazing change?

Have you ever heard of Scalp Micro Pigmentation? (aka Hair Tattoo)

Well in layman's terms its a hair tattoo using organic inks specifically for the scalp. The results are amazing and looks like a freshly shaved head once completed.. I have performed this procedure on hundreds of men and women already and have developed results that are amazingly natural looking.

If you have researched the cost of this procedure it can be up to $6000 +. As person coming from a Tattoo background I know that the cost of a 5-6 hour tattoo shouldn't be that much, and I definitely don't think someone without a tattoo background should be applying it.

Contact us today for a quick consultation to see what we can do for you. Here is a little video from a past client:

Testimonial From ULTIMATE PUNCHING CHAMPION Razor Rizzoti in the video below