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IntegriBuilt Roofing
8100 Jetstar Drive #100
Irving, TX 75063
United States

Integrity Above
More than a slogan, it’s our guiding principal.
We believe our number one priority is to treat every client with the honesty and respect they deserve. This core belief guides the way we conduct ourselves across all of our roofing services–commercial, multifamily and residential.
A Proud Member of RCAT
Texas is one of the few states that does not require roofing contractors to be licensed, as a result there a lot of unqualified companies passing themselves off as roofing professionals. The net effect is millions of dollars in waste and fraud at the expense of Texans every year. One thing you can do to protect yourself is to select a RCAT member company. The Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT) has worked closely with the state to create a voluntary license program that is very similar to what is required for electricians and plumbers. (Yes, plumbers and electricians are required to have a license.) Among other things, membership is based on passing a battery of certifications as well as a full audit of a company’s business practices.
IntegriBuilt is Rated Among the Top 1% of Roofing Contractors In Texas
IntegriBuilt holds the highest possible installer certifications for all major manufacturer’s of roofing materials which is something only 1% of all Roofing Companies in Texas can claim. Because of this you can rest assure that our workmanship will be top-notch to begin with AND that should their be any problems with the actual roofing materials, all factory warranties will be honored.
Services we provide:
Residential Inspections for Roof Replacements
Residential Roof Repairs – Leaks, Missing Shingles, Tune Ups
Residential Roof Replacements caused by storm damage
Commercial Roof Leak Detection
Commercial Roof Leak Repair
Commercial Roofing Preventative Maintenance Plans
Flat Roof Replacements – TPO & Mod Bit.
Metal Roofing / Standing Seam – Residential and Commercial