Retevis RT29 Walkie Talkies Long Range, Professional IP67 Waterproof 2 Way Radios Set(5Pack)

New York City, NY
United States


About this item
Waterproof walkie talkies long range;IP67 waterproof and dust-proof plus rugged design make it can be used even in harsh environments and survive many drops and tumbles; supports operations in the special environment of rain, snow and dust

Durability is critical in manufacturing; so we recommend RT29 professional two way radio that meet military specifications for durability;ideal choice for business;construction;jobsite;building sites or any other commercial setting with multiple users

Out of the box; channels are pre-set with CTCSS DCS to reduce unnecessary transmissions and therefore cannot talk directly to other brands of radios; if you need to talk to other brand walkie talkies; please contact us via Amazon mail; we will offer firmware for you

High power walkie talkies with high gain antenna enhances radio signal;further expand the communication range in extreme environments;it will get your messages where you need anywhere onsite

Retevis RT29 heavy duty two way radios comes standard with a 3200 mAh Lithium-ion battery pack to provide up to 24 hours of operating time between charges

Have been set well could use directly when out of box;it's also ergonomically designed so you can hold it comfortably and has large buttons for easy operation;even when using gloves

Retevis RT29 military grade two way radio is specifically designed to enhance your safety in the workplace;local emergency alarm helps you be prepared for any danger and alert team member

Crystal sound for smooth communication;volume knob to easily turn the volume up to the max; long range 2 way radio providing clear sound even in noise places

0-9 level voice activated transmit function allows real hands free operation;users are able to use tools and equipment while communicating

Durable walkie talkies for adults ;quality body and rotate button can withstand long time use; and tested against falling;even if your two way radio is accidentally dropped from a high place;the rugged radio is not easy to break