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Budget Bugs LLC,
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Are seasonal invaders bugging you?

Bed Bug and Roach Treatments, Apartment Complex Clean-Outs, as well as Residential and Commercial Service Contracts. Call Mark today @443-605-2143
BED BUG TREATMENTS: We specialize in Bed Bug treatment. These nasty little buggers come out at night and bite, bite, bite! They can be transferred from room to room, on clothing and furniture, and once the lights go out...they come out. Most cases can be done in just ONE TREATMENT!
ROACHES: Budget Bugs specializes in Roach Elimination. Those little guys are in your kitchen, your bathroom, almost everywhere it seems.
APARTMENT COMPLEX CLEAN-OUTS & SERVICE: In line with our specialty in Bed Bug and Roach Elimination, we offer clean-out services to apartment communities. After your clean-out, let us continue to keep your property pest free with our maintenance agreement. You can set either monthly, weekly, or Bi-Weekly services. We also treat for mice, ants and rats. Give us a call to speak directly with the owner and schedule a walk through and ask any questions you may have.
Do you have an on-going pest problem at your home? Or do you just need a quick fix? No problem! We offer one-time treatments, or we can set up a yearly service agreement. You decide what method is best for you!
Do you have a restaurant, office or store? We do that too! Call today 443-605-2143