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This service is designed to help people in the community with all of their automotive repair needs. I w I'll come to your home or roadside and fix your vehicle on-site. I have over 18 years experience and I am a master mechanic with mobile repair shop. I specialize in all makes and models of cars,trucks, and rvs. Diagnostics, tune ups, brakes, wheel bearings, fuel pumps, struts, ball joints, electrical, ac, component replacement, engine repair, transmission r and r, water pumps, lines, hoses, and so much more. Save time and money call Ray now at 4194949707 thank you
So called mechanic is not one, very unprofessional and definitely high.

This mechanic picked up the new alternator that I ordered because I needed a alternator replacement, the next day a piece of the alternator fell out so I had a new mechanic fix it and it showed that it was a old alternator that had a whole bunch of screws in. I tried to reach out to this mechanic to see if I could get my new alternator I had just purchased and why he didn't put the new alternator in my car and he didn't even respond to me. Now I can't even get my money back for the alternator I had just purchased because he won't respond. This is absolutely horrible!!!

Ray took apart my car making it not drivable then left. Lied to me about going to buy a tool, never returned.

The task I asked of him wasn’t even a difficult one. Now I’m left with more repairs then before he touched my engine.

Goes by Ray, might know a little about working on cars but he cares none about the person he works for. If a repair requires more effort than he thought, and it always does, he will just drop it like it’s hot.
This is unacceptable from somebody that claims to be a certified mechanic. There is a reason this guy doesn’t work in a shop.

He also plays the God bless roll, this is another one if his lies. He cares nothing about people like a Christian. Dont let his community motivated speech fool you.

The only thing I did right with this guy is not pay him first.