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Hi, my name is Art.

I've been successfully tutoring Math in Clark County for the last 10 years, and hold a B.S. in Engineering from Michigan State University (Oakland University campus).

In my 21 years as an Engineer, I've worked for Apple Computer, Toshiba America, and Lucent Technologies. My background has allowed me to become certified in the subjects I specialize in which are: Elementary Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and Test Prep for the ASVAB, GED, Math Proficiency Exam, and SAT MATH.

When it comes to my students, I am patient, understanding, and compassionate. I'm comfortable tutoring students from 3rd Grade to Adult Learner, and enjoy teaching one on one.

Below are testimonials from some of my previous students, starting with Viviana, a High School Senior from Las Vegas, NV, who says:


"I've been preparing for the Nevada High School Math Proficiency Exam for the last month, and Art has been my tutor. In the 20 hours or so we've worked together, I found Art to be patient, knowledgeable, and prepared. He also recommended a book on the Math Proficiency Exam that's not only been a great help to me during tutoring sessions, but also a useful tool in generating homework assignments.

Whenever I have a question, I don't hesitate to ask. This is because Art doesn't ridicule me like some of the teachers at school do. He just works with me until I get it! I like that! He's also flexible on the format of the session. He lets me decide what to work on based on where I feel I need help, yet utilizes the book as a guideline. This combination makes for enjoyable and productive tutoring sessions. Art makes it fun, and gets the job done! If you're looking for a tutor to help you pass the Nevada Math Proficiency Exam, Art is the one for you! I highly recommend him!"

- Lisa - Parent from Las Vegas, NV says:


"We had used every resource available, to help our son pass the Nevada High School Math Proficiency Exam. This was the last piece he needed in order to receive his diploma. Then, we found Art. What a blessing. Our son had always struggled with math. From the first day Art started working with him, we could see a difference. Our son came home with a new found excitement saying "I think I am going to be able to do this! Art explains things in a way that I can understand." In the four months Art worked with him, he took him from having trouble with elementary math concepts to being able to pass the Math Proficiency Exam. Art has a system that works. He has knowledge, patience and understands how to tap into what works for each individual. We have nothing but praise for what he has done for our son!"

- AJ - Senior at Bonanza High School, from Las Vegas, NV, preparing for the Math Proficiency Exam, says:


"Art has been my tutor for the last month as I prepare for the Nevada Math Proficiency Exam. In that time, I've learned many basic math concepts foreign to me prior to tutoring. Art not only teaches better than any of my previous teachers, but he now has my math teacher puzzled as to how I was able to make such a dramatic improvement in such a short period of time. My teacher was in such disbelief, he created a test for me to do in front of him, consisting of a variety of math problems, so that he could see whether I really knew how to do them. When I was able to get the correct answers to all of them, AND show my work, AND do them quickly, he was totally blown away! Art uses tried and true "old school" methods of solving math problems, rather than some of the new methods taught in school today that take much longer and are much more difficult to understand. As a result, it appears that I'm going to pass the math proficiency exam. Art is patient, resourceful, and knows how to teach in a way that I can understand. I highly recommend him!"

- Terri - Parent from Las Vegas, NV, says:


"As a former PTA President and Girl Scout Troop Leader, I've had many parents ask for my assistance in finding tutoring help for their children. When it came time for my daughter, I had a hard time finding someone until we met Art. Art teaches to the individual's ability, while pushing them to stretch at the same time. He understands the learning process and teaches in a way that works for my child. Art has been working with my 13 year old daughter for about 3 months now. Prior to tutoring with him, my daughter was receiving below standard grades. Immediately after our first session, her test scores improved, and she is now receiving above standard grades on both homework and tests. The time we spend weekly with Art has more than proven he has made a difference for us!"

- Bree - 23 year old college student from Las Vegas, NV, says:


"I have struggled with math my entire life and never really understood anything but basic math. I started tutoring with Art in preparation for my placement test, and after the first class, I left feeling so happy, because I actually learned something I'd never been taught before! I felt so smart, and he made it so simple to understand! The program he uses is great, whether you're in grade school or college. It teaches you everything, step by step, and Art is great at breaking down what you don't understand, without making you feel stupid for asking how to do it 5 different times. He is very patient. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to excel in math, prepare for a math test, or even just to brush up on what you learned years ago. He's definitely worth every penny! Thank you Art for all your help!"

- Gabor - Parent from Las Vegas, NV says:


"I'm glad I found Art. It's a jungle out there, so it's good to have someone like Art to tutor my 7 year old son, and 11 year old daughter in Elementary Math skills."

- Jason - 20 year old student from Las Vegas, NV, preparing for his Math Proficiency Exam, says:


"When I read books on math, I don't get it. When Art teaches it, I get it. Prior to tutoring, I took the Math Proficiency Exam several times, but always scored below 200. After 5 months of tutoring with Art, I passed the test with a score of 281! I highly recommend him!"

-Alex - High School Sophomore from Las Vegas, NV, preparing for her Algebra 2 class for next semester says:


"I learned more about factoring and solving quadratic equations in my first 2 hours with Art, than I learned in my entire 9th grade math class! After years of struggling with Math, Art has shown me that I really CAN understand it and ultimately CAN solve even the most difficult types of problems. My fears and lack of confidence in math are gone forever! Thank you, Art!"

- Aaron - Parent from Las Vegas, NV says:


"I've tried for a long time to get my daughter into math. But she hates it more than anything and it seems like she may have a hard time learning it from me. She's in her senior year, so it's imperative she pass all of her math classes, especially the Nevada Math Proficiency Exam. This is why I knew I had to get a tutor. And I'm glad I did!

After one lesson with Art, my daughter is already talking about what she's learned, which is completely different than usual. She likes how he teaches. She says he's very knowledgeable and understanding about different speeds of learning. She's already looking forward to the next lesson. This is what I was looking for, and Art made it happen! He made a great first impression, which I think is everything to a teenager and who they're learning from."

- Erika - Parent from Las Vegas, NV says:


"Art is very knowledgeable and helpful. He tutored my 7th grade son in ISEE test prep, in both the Math Achievement and Quantitative Reasoning test sections, and helped tremendously to break down the steps and make it easy to understand. I highly recommend him!"

- Dia - Parent from Las Vegas, NV says:


"Prior to tutoring with Art, my 14 year old son was failing Algebra 1. Under Art's tutelage, after three 2-hour sessions, over 3 weekends, my son received a 96% on his next math exam. One of my neighbor's sons, in the same Algebra class, was tutored simultaneously with my son during the same 3 week period. Prior to Art's tutoring, he had a D in the class. Under Art's tutelage, he received a 98% on the same exam. The two boys received the 2 highest scores in the class! I highly recommend him!"

- Gary - Parent from Summerlin (Las Vegas), NV says:


"Art has helped our 15 year old son understand and grow in confidence in both Math and Computer Literacy. Art is a professional who has great patience and kindness. I hardly think you could do better in finding a tutor for yourself or your family."

- Imani - High School Senior from Las Vegas, NV says:


"Art makes Math fun and easy to learn, cutting out all the unnecessary stuff!!! In less than 4 hours of tutoring in one weekend, I was able to pass the Nevada Math Proficiency Exam! Prior to that, I'd been struggling for weeks! Thank you, Art!"

- Morgan - High School Senior from Las Vegas, NV says:


"Art makes me feel comfortable in the way he teaches. I don't feel intimidated, and I can ask questions freely without fear of being criticized. He's also very knowledgeable. In less than 22 hours of test prep for the Math Proficiency Exam, over a period of 6 weeks, I went from a failing score of 199 to a passing score of 262! I have recommended him to 3 of my friends at school and they're excited about the possibility of starting with Art as early as next week! For the longest time, I lacked confidence, and had a fear of not graduating. Now, that fear is gone. Art made it happen. I highly recommend him!"

- Jenah - 7th grade student from Las Vegas, NV says:


"I used to really hate it! But Art helped me raise my letter grade from a D to a B in 6 weeks! I love it!"

- Mindy - Adult Learner from Henderson, NV says:


"Art has helped me so much in such a short period of time in preparing for the math portion of the HESI nursing entrance exam. He is patient, explains things in detail, and helps work out the math problems. After 6 weeks of tutoring with Art, I received an 86% on my entrance exam! The next semester I took Algebra 1 and got an A! I highly recommend him!"

Tim - Parent from Henderson, NV says:


Art is a great teacher. He's helping my son grasp the concept of MATHEMATICS. It has only been three sessions and I can really see a difference. The decision to hire Art as a tutor was the right one. A few more sessions will really make the difference. I highly recommend him!"

- Tyrone - Parent from Las Vegas, NV says:


"I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for the hard work that you put in with LeeQuan. He graduated from boot camp last Thursday, and was accepted into the Cyber Security program. We are all so very proud of him and are extremely optimistic about his future. Your contribution was huge! He passed his ASVAB with a sufficient score to qualify for a number of potentially lucrative jobs. I am personally very thankful, and I can tell you that my mother, who is in heaven, would be deeply grateful. All she ever wanted was for this kid to make something good out of himself. You have certainly helped to make that happen!"

- Colt - High School Senior from Las Vegas, NV says:


"I'm a senior at Liberty High School, trying to pass the Math Proficiency Exam. After my first lesson with Art, I went home with so much knowledge! Having someone walk through it with you step-by-step, makes it much easier to learn. Out of my 12 years of schooling, and many teachers I've had, Art is the best one of all! If you need help with math, Art is the tutor for you!"

- Dejanae - High School Junior from Las Vegas, NV, says:


"After only 8 hours of tutoring with Art over a period of a month, I was able to pass the Nevada Math Proficiency Exam with a score of 298! Prior to tutoring, I had been receiving scores below 230! I wish Art had been my teacher all along. He breaks things down and explains them in a way that I can understand!"

Lessons are typically held at the West Charleston Library, located at 6301 West Charleston Blvd, 89146, next to the CSN Campus, at the corner of Community College Drive and West Charleston Blvd, across from Denny's. However, if this location is not convenient for you, I can also meet with you at your home if it's within 5 miles of Rainbow and Oakey. I can also meet with you at either of the following libraries:

Summerlin Library.
Sahara West Library.

Rate: $20/hour
2 hour minimum session times, so $40 per session minimum.

Contact me at 702-249-1174 to discuss your tutoring needs, and set up an appointment today!