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Reddi Services
Phoenix, AZ
United States

The plumbing in your home is essential to your everyday life.The basics of clean water and collection of waste is dependent on clear running pipe lines and a properly installed plumbing system.

Our call center staff treat each customer with respect and listens carefully so we send the best trained technician to repair your specific concern. Our supervisory and management staff work closely with the call center and field service teams to make sure we keep the Better Business Bureau's A+ Rating we've earned over the last 60 years!

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Our Plumbing Services Include:

-Faucets and Fixtures
- Pipes
-Garbage Disposals
-Water Heaters
-Tankless Water Heaters

-Water Softeners
-Water Meters
-Sewer Lines
- Showers
-Slab Leaks
-Shut Off and Spickets
-Gas Lines

- Non-Invasive Sewer Cleaning
- Video Sewer Inspection
- Hydro-Jetting Services
- Sewer and Drain Cleaning

Diagnose slow and clogged drains for free! We will help you clear your drains of Grease, Food Waste, Roots, Toiletries, Toys, Hair, Soap and other clogs and debris.
We Service:
-Kitchen Sinks
-Lavatory/Bath Sinks
-Laundry Drains
- Dishwasher Drains
- Roof Vents
- Floor Drains
- Pool Skimmer Lines
- Main Sewer Line
- Clean-Outs

ROC# 202706, 098000, 098001