LG G8 - $600

Kansas City, MO
United States


Received the LG G8; 128GB as a gift lol but I don’t have sprint & I have a iPhone X so this phone is not needed.

The LG G8 is brand new and was just release on 4/12/19 . I open the box to see what is included but I am not interested in keeping this device.

We will have to meet at a sprint location so one of the reps can tell you this device is not black listed & can be activated without any issues. It seems it’s sprint only unless you want to deal with there customer service to unlock the device .

Cash only . It seems the device runs for $840 on Sprint’s website and $649 on Best Buy’s website with some requirements . So I am interested in $600 or give me a reasonable offer .

DUE to spam in the past attempting to spoof my phone number; I can be reached at the provided email and from there if you’re not Spam, I will give you my phone number to text me for more details .