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We find local laborers in your area, providing labor-only moving services. Whether you're moving across the street or across the country, our partners will get you across town safe and hassle free!

Our local partners are independent companies who can provide moving labor to help you move across the street, between cities, across the state or nationwide. We can load you today in your current city and unload you today, tomorrow or next week in your new city and state. 1-800-822-1636/561-870-7887.

They're available to help you and your family pack, unpack and rearrange your home, storage unit, office or moving truck. Many are available for same-day booking and future scheduling.

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ZERO stars!
I contracted with them last minute when moving my kids into a new place - both kids got sick, so some help with the heavy stuff seemed like a good idea.
Scheduled the company for 11:30am on Saturday.
On Thursday night, I got a weird call from someone claiming to be with the driver for my move (not the name or number I was given). The guy sounded drunk or high, thought the move was on Friday, and wanted to know if we could change the time.
I said no - we live in the city, I already had a truck arranged, and everything else set for SATURDAY. The guy confirmed Saturday at 11:30am.
Worried, I called the company and left a message. When I heard back from them on Friday, the guy on the phone told me the name and number I had was for the coordinator, but the movers would often contact customers directly (I can see that day of, but ahead of time?) He seemed pretty blase about my worries, but said he'd look into it.
Later that day, I got a call from the driver - who sounded at least coherent. He again confirmed the move for Saturday at 11:30am.
Saturday = 10:30am - the driver calls. They're on a another job and it's taking longer than planned. They won't arrive until 1pm.
I have a truck rented by the hour. I can't wait.
I called the coordinator who was flat out rude and told me my choice was to wait or to cancel I decided to wait.
We started handling the small stuff ourselves - figuring the movers could handle the big stuff.
At 12:30, the driver called back saying they still had another hour or so on the current job, and then they were over an hour away drive time.
At best, that meant they wouldn't arrive until at least 2:30, probably later. I literally could not wait that long - I had a truck to return.
I told the driver not to bother coming and immediately called the company. They were rude and unhelpful, essentially repeating the "wait or cancel" comment. Since waiting wasn't an option, I canceled.
We wound up doing the move ourselves, and I later tried calling to get a refund on my deposit since they kept delaying and I believe they would have never arrived. The company has not returned my calls.