Jewelry - Gemology Manuals for sale - 80 volumes

Seattle, WA
United States

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I used to be in the fine jewelry business, am almost 80 - so selling the wonderful almost brand new volumes of the following GIA Gemology manuals from Gemological Institute of America.

GIA Essential Colored Stone Reference Guide
39 volumes of Gem Identification
19 volumes on Diamonds
27 volumes on Colored Stones
1 Colored Stone Grading lab manual
1 Handbook of Gem Identification - Liddicott
1 Color Description chart

Diamonds, Myth & Magic - Crown
Diamonds (hardback) - Eric Bruton

Will include these instruments:
Chelsea color filter (normally sells for $25)
Calcite dichroscope (normally sells for $35)
Presidium diamond electronic multi tester III (normally sells for $225)
Diamond weight estimator
Diamond gauge estimator

There is a wealth of knowledge here for beginning jewelry makers, learning about gemstones, how to identify them and so on, as well as for jewelry salespeople in the trade who are not taking a course. Normally they can be purchased providing you take the GIA courses. You can study gemology at a college or university and of course, that will likely be very expensive and require a significant scheduling commitment, but if you have the interest but not the time or the money, these manuals are what you need. Have things changed since I studied? Perhaps new designs of pages but the characteristics of a gemstone do not.

I will sell this ring-bounded set of 80 volumes and all else for $500 or Best Offer for an interested party who is as excited about these manuals as I was when I bought them. Now, this would of course be cash only.