­čĺžIrrigation/Sprinkler Service ­čĺž (orlando,Kissimmee,Lakeland,Davenport,Celebration)

Orlando, FL
United States

At JR. Irrigation experts, our goal is for your lawn to be the best looking lawn in Florida. This starts with your irrigation system. In order to achieve a healthy lawn, we will get your sprinkler system functioning at its maximum efficiency at an affordable price. With drought conditions in Florida, even a few days of your lawn in drought can cause damage that takes months for turf to recover from, so timeliness is crucial. We will always provide you with a same day irrigation analysis. For your convenience, feel free to contact us anytime. You can feel free to send us a text message too anytime. *Hablamos Espa├▒ol*

*Custom Design and System Installation

*System Repair- Fix any broken sprinkler line, head or valves.

*Reclaim Conversion- hook up reclaimed water to your sprinkler system.
*Replace your old irrigation pump and deep well submersibles with one that is correct for you a Starite,Gould or Myers pump.

*Don't know where your old valves are?- We track your missing valves.

*We perform check-ups on your irrigation system while you're on vacation or up north.

*Call O Text 407-421-7398*