How To Post Effective Classified Ads on The Best Free Classifieds Websites

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My courses will teach you how to make money selling your items online on the top free classifieds websites in the United States. My proven step by step methods are guaranteed to provide results when it comes to constructing effective ads that will get the attention of potential customers.

Online selling is big business, knowing how to sell online can be super lucrative and yield large annual profits, the key to success is tied to the platform in which you promote your items on. Knowing your crowd and where the most effective platform to sell your items is extremely important. Below is a break down on creating effective classified listings that provide huge results when selling items on free classifieds websites.

The four most important parts of a successful classified ad are:

The Heading (Title)
The Body (Description)
The Presentation (Pics/Images)
The Call to Action (Generating Clicks)

The Heading (Title)

The heading’s purpose is to highlight and sell the ad/listing. You want the person reading your classified ad listing to click and view your product or service and to make a purchase offer or retain your services.

Quick Tips For Creating Great Titles

Start with an action word
Create attention & Inquiry
Strike Dialogue
Request reader’s opinion

The Body (Description)

This is the part that you explain what your stuff is all about, describe why visitors viewing your classified ad should click and continue. The point is to get them to click wants they read the body, explain why your stuff is better then the next guy. Point out all the features and details of your goods or services.

The Presentation (Pics/Images)
The presentation is the entire look and feel of your ad, this part includes the text and images. You definitely want to include quality photos and images to help enhance the look of your featuredstuff classifieds listing.

The Call to Action (Generating Clicks)

Now this is the part we call the CLOSER, you have to seal the deal and direct all interested visitors on the website to click, click, click. Strong call to action or words that generate clicks are: Visit Now, Click Now, Get it Now, Buy Now and Call Now. The objective is to get people to want your stuff. Now that you have constructed a great classified ad. you have to proofread and check spelling and punctuation.