For Sale Niner Bicycle BSB 9 RDO 700c 54”

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If you want to be convinced that the BSB 9 RDO Rival 1 is synonymous with cyclocross, look no further than the three-letter acronym that begins its name. “BSB” stands for Blood, Sweat, and Beer, because that’s what cyclocross racing is all about, and that’s what you should expect when you ride this bike (don’t try to find blood on the course, it will find you).

This race-specific bike is superbly light at 1,035 grams (for a 56cm frame), meaning you can easily shoulder it when necessary. And its superior stiffness, made with Niner’s RDO Carbon Compaction system, is unmatched. That stiffness translates to efficient power transfer that can also be felt in the RDO cyclocross fork, which features a blade-like geometry that’s unique to Niner. The frame offers internal shifter-cable routing, it’s Di2-ready, and it has been updated for use with flat-mount disc brakes.

A full SRAM Rival 1 groupset, with a 42t crank and an 11-28t cassette, will keep you moving forward on any racecourse, while hydraulic disc brakes and 140mm rotors will halt you no matter the terrain. Be aware: If you plan to use this model for anything other than its intended purpose, you might consider a bigger cassette or smaller crank to make any riding outside the course tape more doable.

Some of the great parts of this bike—SRAM Rival 1 groupset, flat-mount hydraulic disc brakes, full carbon frame—are standard across the higher-end cyclocross market. But that does not mean this Niner is average; it’s far from that. And the BSB 9 RDO’s industry-leading frame is proof.

Stiffness in race bikes (even cyclocross bikes) is often spoken of and boasted about. It’s usually one of the first things a company will tell you about its latest and greatest race bike, but simple logic proves that if every frame is stiff then no frame is stiff. However, I’m here to tell you that the BSB 9 RDO frame is absolutely and noticeably aggressive, responsive, and stiff. For this bike, it’s not a PR buzz phrase, it’s the truth.

A big part of that stiffness is attributable to Niner’s RDO Carbon Compaction System, which works by using a foam core that’s the exact shape of whatever part of the frame is being created. Carbon is then wrapped around the foam core to create the desired carbon shape, and the foam-filled carbon is then placed into a mold and heated. The heat from the molding process shrinks the foam (so it can be removed) and leaves a carbon frame that’s precisely designed, stiff, and safe for the rider.

The BSB 9 RDO frame is also Di2 ready. The company sells “a lot of BSB 9 RDO frames for riders who run all types of different setups,” says Niner marketing manager Zack Vestal.

“Di2 compatibility is there for those who need it,” Vestal said. “We want our bikes to be as versatile as possible for all riders’ potential needs.”

All Niner carbon frames come with the company’s C5 warranty, which covers defects in materials and manufacturing for five years. Racing your bike doesn’t disqualify you from this warranty, but rider-caused crashes aren’t covered under it. However, Niner does offer crash-replacement pricing if you don’t time that barrier hop just right.