Drafter/CAD Operator

Alutiiq LLC
Honolulu, HI
United States

Position Overview:

Prepares complete sets of drawings of test equipment to be manufactured from layouts, models, or sketches. Several cross-sectional and subassembly drawings are required. From information supplied by the design originator and from technical handbooks and manuals, this operator describes dimensions, tolerances, fits, fabrication techniques, and standard parts to use in manufacturing the equipment.

From electronic schematics, information as to maximum size, and manuals giving dimensions of standard parts, determines the arrangement and prepares drawing of printed circuit boards.

From precedents, drafting standards, and established practices, prepares final construction drawings for floodgates, navigation locks, dams, bridges, culverts, levees, channel excavations, dikes and berms, prepares boring profiles, typical cross-sections, and land profiles; and delineates related topographical details as required.

Prepares final drawings for street paving and widening or for water and sewer lines having complex trunk lines; reduces field notes and calculates true grades. From engineering designs, lays out plan, profile and detail appurtenances required; and notifies supervisor of conflicting details in design.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:
Strong organizational skills
Excellent attention to detail
An abundance of patience to see a complicated project to the end
Ability to think in a three-dimensional manner
Comfortable with sitting for long periods of time
Required Skills

Required Qualifications and/or Education:
Minimum 2 year degree in related field (preferred)
Bachelor's or Certifications (preferred)
2+ years experience utilizing CAD software
Minimum 2 years working in a professional environment