Don't let your video turn out CHEESY!! (filmmaker/videographer)

Dallas, TX
United States

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Everyone wants a bargain, I know I do. I shop at thrift stores from time to time. Sometimes it's all about the savings and I love to save. But savings sometimes comes back to haunt us all, i.e, cheap plastic toys that break so soon... so soon...

Now you are looking for a good filmmaker or videographer for your project. Well, when it comes to finding a professional as hard working as you are you will NOT find one with both a cinematographic eye and the gift of storytelling at thrift store prices. If a videographer is willing to charge you tiny little money to shoot and edit an entire 4 minute music or corporate video, for example, unless he is Martin Scorsese who owes you a huge favor... chances are you will get a tacky, second-rate, cheesy, soap opera looking video, different than what you had in mind. The biggest problem is, no one will then take you seriously. Only your family and friends.

Here is the plan I put together. First, please check out my reel and work at
You will see - because I am very proud of my work probably as much as you are of yours - that I put my expertise, eye and soul into what I make. To be honest ,the work you see is not so much on the cheap end because I believe you, as a professional, deserves much more than cheap and I put all I got into my work.

So what are we doing here on Craigslist? You want an amazing video that is affordable I want to continue working on my craft. I don't need publicity or credits, I am a working filmmaker, but I do know what I am worth for my time, creativity and expertise. On top of all this, I am flexible and I don't charge by the hour, rather by each individual project according to everyone's budget.

I have devised a way where I am able to work with almost everyone: Whatever your numbers are, we can create something that will exceed your expectations, within reason, of course. If it's a little bit more than you were expecting but you still want to work with me, I can break the price down in installments that is comfortable for you. THAT is why I am here.

Please see my work. I shoot music, business, corporate videos which end up looking like short films. I have entered quite a few in film festivals and tons of my clients have millions of views.

Reach out. Stay Hungry.