Dog walker with aggressive dog experience

Citrus Heights, CA
United States

Do you have a large dog with an attitude problem? My name is Julie and I specialize in handling large and difficult dogs. Pit bulls, German shepherds, dobermans, huskies etc. I can run or walk your dog as much as you need and will do so in a way that teaches them to respect their handler. I am comfortable using whatever tools you like such as prong collars, choke chains, flat collars etc. I keep the dog next to me and never out in front. I encourage backpacks or other means for particularly difficult and energetic dogs. We can figure out what works together. Let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll see what I can offer to help. I start with positive reinforcement and then move to corrections once the dog understands what is expected. I am just looking to do this in my spare time outside of my normal full time job. A lot of training can occur during a regular walk/run. Let me know your needs and we can work something out. I’m asking $20 a walk/run but am negotiable. This can be a few times a week or daily depending on your needs/wants. I hope to hear from you soon and meet your pup :)