Dog Training/Obedience Training

P.A.L.S. Unlimited Dog Training
Oahu, HI
United States

P.A.L.S. Unlimited Dog Training
*Positive and Lasting Solutions*

Are you looking for an affordable dog trainer? Don't want to commit to group obedience classes that are generalized and impersonal? Give me a call today!

I have animal training experience with a variety of species including dogs, cats, dolphins, sea lions, seals and penguins. Unlike most dog trainers on the island I have extensively studied behaviorism and I utilize real, scientifically proven behavior modification techniques. I will not only teach your dog proper behavior, I will teach you the fundamentals of positive reinforcement so that Fido becomes the well-behaved pet you've always wanted for years to come, all without the use of shock/choke collars!

I can help with various behavioral issues such as:

• Basic commands (sit, stay, leave it, etc)
• Loose leash walking/heeling
• Crate training
• Jumping issues
• Recall/name recognition
• And more!

The benefits of positive reinforcement training:

• It builds a strong, positive relationship
• It provides clear communication, so your pet knows exactly what is expected of him/her
• It results in a happy, confident pet

Contact me to discuss the behavioral problems you're facing, and we will customize a training plan to address the specific issues YOU want to address!


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