Dog Training, Pet Sitting - Puppy Socialization, Dog boot camp

Los Angeles, CA
United States


We offer pet sitting, dog boarding, daycare, walking, dog puppy training and dog baths in Irvine.

We live in a house with a BIG backyard.

I'm a Wildlife Biologist and work from home. My teenage son helps and trains dogs too.

We provide a social dog friendly environment. We test dogs for temperament, anxiety, aggression, social skills, obedience, etc.

We don't accept all dogs we meet due to their behavior.

Dogs have plenty of access to our big yard several times daily where they can exercise off-leash, play, run, lounge, sunbathe, relax in the shade wherever they feel comfortable.

Dogs can also lounge on the furniture too 🐕


We specialize in socialization of dogs, through supervised exercise and social play. We also work with dogs to reduce anxiety and aggression. This is included when dogs stay with us. 🐕🐕🌴🌴

We care for dogs of all ages - young puppies to senior dogs.

We're happy to help anytime - we're available during all holidays 🦃🎅🎄 🙂🐕

We send photos of your pups playing and having fun too! 📸

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