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Now you can access COVID-19 testing from home. (Pixel by LabCorp) Coronavirus at home test kit. How to buy kits just $119 Visit our website to purchase the only FDA Authorized Coronavirus at home self test kit.

We'll send you an at-home kit to collect your nasal swab sample and ship it back to our lab. Our lab will test your sample for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes coronavirus disease (also called COVID-19), a respiratory illness.
This test is designed to determine active infection with the virus that causes COVID-19; it is NOT designed to determine the presence of antibodies or assess immunity.

How The Coronavirus Test Kit (COVID-19 Test At-Home Kit) Works

1. Complete a short eligibility survey

2. If you're eligible*, purchase your kit
*Test requests are evaluated and, if appropriate, authorized by an independent physician.

3. Receive your sample collection kit via FedEx

4. Collect your sample and send it back to our world-class lab for testing

5. Access your results online