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Your case won't be handled by a 1st-year associate.

The attorney working on your case will have more than 30 years' legal experience.

We can help you get through your Estate law case as quickly and painlessly as possible - by handling the dispute as fairly and civilly as possible without needless escalation - saving you your valuable time and money by paying less in legal fees.

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Specializing in the needs of consumer electronics companies with California business litigation and legal matters.

Over 30 years' experience in all types of business and real estate matters including:

* Business and Corporate Matters
* Business and Corporate Litigation
* Commercial Litigation
* Trials
* Arbitrations
* Mediations
* Writs and Appeals
* Shareholder Disputes
* Temporary Restraining Orders (TROs)
* Permanent Injunctions
* Business Lockouts
* Bringing and Opposing Motions for Receivers
* Intellectual Property Disputes
* Trade Secret disputes (formulas, designs, methods, customer lists, vendor lists)
* Temporary and Permanent Injunctions
* Unfair Competition
* Confusingly Similar Product Designs
* Customer / Client Stealing
* Breach of contract
* Fraud
* Employment Disputes
* Incorporation
* Partnership Disputes
* Contract Drafting
* Contract Review
* Contract Negotiation

* Formation, Management and Dissolution of:
* Corporations
* General Partnerships
* Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)
* Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
* S-Corps
* Business Purchase
* Business Sale
* Commercial Leases - Drafting, Review, Negotiation
* Director and Officer Liability Issues
* Collections

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Practicing Business and Real Estate Law for 30 years.