Commissioned Officer

Verified Response Security & Investigations
Dallas, TX 75202
United States

We are seeking a Commissioned Officer to join our team! You will perform clerical and administrative functions in order to drive company success.


Protect company’s property and staff by maintaining a safe and secure environment

Observe for signs of crime or disorder and investigate disturbances

Act lawfully in direct defense of life or property

Apprehend criminals and evict violators

Take accurate notes of unusual occurrences

Report in detail any suspicious incidents

Patrol randomly or regularly building and perimeter

Monitor and control access at building entrances and vehicle gates


Previous experience in office administration or other related fields

Ability to prioritize and multitask

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Strong attention to detail

​Strong organizational skills

Destiny Patrol Software

Computer Skills

Smart Phone


Company Description
The Right Team The Right Choice
Verified Response offers a wide range of security options to a varied spectrum of clients. We are a full service security company capable of providing uniformed security officers both armed and unarmed; vehicle patrol and alarm response, personal protection officers; security vulnerability assessments for both physical and cyber assets; turn-key security operations and myriad other security alternatives.
Verified Response is experienced in developing security countermeasures for business interests ranging from a retail facility to explorative operations in hazardous regions of the globe. Our staff includes former civilian law enforcement officers, private and commercial security professionals. This amalgam of experience assures our clients the most comprehensive security protection available.
The core strength of a contract security organization is matching the right person for the job assignment. Verified Response is committed to selecting the right person for your company security needs. In-depth pre-employment interviews are conducted with emphasis on all details of the applicant personal and employment histories.
Verified Response furnishes to its clients only individual officers who are able to meet our prerequisites with respect to background, physical conditioning, human relations and education. We are aware of the critical role played by security personnel and we are extremely conscious of our responsibilities for the performance of our Officers. We have built our reputation on the careful recruitment selection, investigation, and supervision of our employees. They are individuals, who have been instructed in courtesy and how to handle unexpected situations, which might arise, with dispatch, discretion and diplomacy.