Bowflex Max Trainer M7

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The smartest, fastest, and most effective workout

The Max Trainer® M7 is our top-of-the-line model featuring enhanced dual mode LCD/LED displays, commercial grade handles, new aerobar grips with burn rate and resistance level adjustments, sport performance racing pedals, two additional workout programs, and four more levels of resistance. The M7 burns AND learns thanks to its all new performance targeted programming. As you train, the M7 stores and responds to you, coaching and adjusting to your needs, to push you to your MAX in every workout. Use the FREE Bowflex Max Trainer® 2 app to track total time, calories and more. Plus, receive LIVE one-on-one training and a personalized workout plan, absolutely free!
After 3 years I finally had an issue that required customer service. Could not have asked for a better experience. A great product and a company that stands behind it! Love my M7 and look forward to many more years of use. Thanks Bowflex.

Bob B. - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Amazing product!

I started my Bowflex journey with a M3 purchase about 2.5 / 3 years ago. I have lost a total of 60 pounds (from 220 to 160) and I am a 5'6" male, 47 years old. These ellipticals are amazing, made strong and built to last. I did replace both the button control and LED screens due to sweat damage over time and serious mileage. I have recently upgraded to the M7 and couldn't be happier with my decision. The noticeable differences are a drastic surprise. This thing is like an elite race car. I foresee many more years out of it. Due to my occupation I had back pains from two slipped discs. Since the weight loss I haven't had any pains whatsoever, I have more energy than my daughters, and feel better than I felt 15 years ago. I can't recommend this product enough to anyone who wants to make a commitment to better their lives and the loved ones around you.

Art, Connecticut