Cohasset, MA
United States

Every time I leave the house and go out in public I'm starting to see worse and worse haircuts!!! Either people are cutting their own hair or they're letting these "fly by night" barbers cut their hair. I have spent the last 12 years cutting hair in the city of Boston. I specialize in modern fades, taper fades, under cuts, bald fades, straight edge lineups and layered haircuts. I have a FULL barbershop set up at my house. The difference between me and some of these other people is that I've ALWAYS had this set up because I LOVE cutting hair. You can rest assured that when you come to me you're getting your haircut from one of the trendiest barbers in the city of Boston. Listen, if you're coming out to get your haircut during these times then you probably love getting it cut and go to the barbershop regularly, you're going to know within the first few seconds if the barber knows what he's doing, don't go to the wrong person and look like the guy at the supermarket!!! I can be reached at 774-291-1332. JOSH

IG:JoshThaBarba. I can also send pictures of my work upon request. I can literally do ANY haircut.
This convicted felon is dangerous. Stay away!!