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Private Investigation can save you time and money while adding value to your case. A qualified private investigator can help you determine whether a case is solid enough to go to court or if you should make efforts to settle the problem sooner.

Our comprehensive expertise in crime scene processing and evidence collection can assist you in making your case more detailed and, ultimately, more substantial. Allow our experience in law enforcement and criminal court proceedings to come to work for you. Specifically focused areas:

• Comprehensive Search
• Domestic Investigations
• Fraud Investigations
• Digital Forensics
• Criminal Defense
• Custom & Unique Cases

Macky Outlaw provides Private Investigator services in Tuscaloosa, Huntsville & Birmingham, and Surrounding Areas. Then it is the time when you must get in touch with a private investigating agency. Call us at 866-910-7499, or send us an email at

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Macky Outlaw
600 Boulevard South SW, Suite 104
United States