Become a Tattoo Model

Mesa, AZ
United States

$$$ heres an opportunity to get Your tattoos done and get paid to show them Off. We are looking for a Girl between the ages of 18-25 who is beautiful in every way willing to get large pieces of work done, an arm sleeve, a back piece or a leg sleeve and represent our company on our website and at the tattoo convention. We are offering to pay $3,500$ For a completed project. We are only looking for someone with a high pain tolerance And a creative mind. This sounds just like you and you have been looking for this opportunity for a long time Right? Without being shy Submit your most exciting photos and bio To our email and call 480-547-1998 for confirmation. Please include if you have Adult entertainment Experience that's a plus but not a requirement. This opportunity is yours if you act fast and get in touch with our artist ASAP. We understand that response will Be overwhelming so there will be a screening process. Do everything you can to get this gig!!!