A Wrestling Family Needs Your Help

Harrington Park, NJ
United States

A member of the North Jersey wrestling community is in desperate need of your support. Those of you who know John Murawski know that there is no more fanatical wrestling fan and parent around. John's excitement for the sport is contagious, and is only outweighed by his love for his family. Earlier this week John suffered a significant stroke. He and his wife Carol, and his children Brianna and Matt face a long and arduous road to normalcy. While our local wrestling family will undoubtedly support their short term needs for the basics, the financial burden ahead is truly a mountain. Please find it in your heart to donate anything you are able. There is no more generous a community than the wrestling community. On behalf of the Murawski's and the entire Old Tappan wrestling family, we thank you for your support.
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