2019 Entry Level Police Officer-AUG

Aurora Police Department
Aurora, CO
United States

The Civil Service Commission is accepting applications toward establishing a new Prospective Employment List (PEL) for an anticipated Academy on August 5, 2019. Once you submit an application and pass the minimum qualifications screening, all updates and/or instructions regarding the hiring process will be sent via email as it becomes available.

The City of Aurora is looking for individuals who represent diversity in thought and experiences, which are shared by our citizens. Candidates must have strong communication skills, both verbally and in writing. Candidates should possess good interpersonal skills, common sense, and have the ability to problem solve.

Examples of Duties

A comprehensive list of a police officer's duties is not possible, but officers working within the Aurora Police Department perform some of the following functions:

Handle (emergency and non-emergency) calls for service received by our Communications Center.
Investigate and determine what type of, or if, crimes have occurred.
Make sound decisions using knowledge, training and experience.
Positively interact with the public.
Problem solve complex community issues and look for innovative solutions to reduce repeat calls for service.

You can also find more information at the APD recruiting website.


CLICK HERE For a list of minimum qualifications and automatic disqualifications.

Applicant's passing the minimum qualifications must pass a fitness test and will then be invited to take the FrontLine video exam.There is a $15 administrative fee for the exam. Previous FrontLine scores from other agencies, including the National Testing Network, will not be accepted.