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Need obedience training for Rover? We've got you covered! Phoenix K-9 Learning Center's Basic Obedience Package has it all.


Heeling- Your dog will walk on your left side with his head aligned with your left leg. He will not pull you or lag behind. When you stop walking, he will sit automatically without being asked. This sit is considered permanent, Your dog may not leave the sit unless he is released from the command or commanded to heel again.

Recall- Your dog will come to you on command ( hand signal, verbal, or both). He will do this as fast as he is physically able to, even under heavy distraction, and sit down in front of you, facing you. This sit is also considered permanent.

Sit- Your dog will sit on command, verbal, hand signal or both. This a permanent command.

Down- Your dog will down at your side or at a distance with hand signals, verbal command or both. This is also a permanent command.

Placemat- This involves a blanket, towel, or dog bed. You point and say "place". Your dog may sit, stand or lay on the placemat, but cannot take more than 2 paws off the mat.

Door Manners- We will teach your dog to greet your house guests politely. No jumping, growling or biting.

Rattlesnake and Colorado River Toad Avoidance- All dogs in our basic obedience program will be trained to avoid snakes and toads. This training includes free yearly rechecks for the life of your dog.

New puppy? No problem. Our Puppy Development program includes all of the above as well as covering all of the major puppy issues such as crate/potty training, chewing, and play-biting.

All classes are taught by Certified Professional Dog Trainers.

After completion of the Basic Obedience Course, you might want to consider more advanced training. We offer the following courses.

Advanced Obedience
Service Dog Training
Therapy Dog Training
Personal Protection Training (attack)
Scent Detection
Narcotics Detection
Tracking and Trailing
Soft-mouth Retrieval
Guard Dog Training
Behavior Modification

Our training philosophy creates confident dogs that respond with military precision. That's because our training is based on military K-9 methods. No clickers. No treats. Your dog's reward is your own verbal and physical praise.

Don't have the time? Check out our K-9 BOOT CAMP BOARD AND TRAIN PROGRAM. In just 30 days, we'll fully train your dog in Basic Obedience. Call for details. 480-341-1347

We are recommended by many local veterinarians, including Adobe Veterinary Center , Valley Animal Hospital, Buena Pet Clinic, Bear Canyon , and Ajo Veterinary Hospital. We specialize in aggressive dogs that other trainers refuse to train. We gladly provide references and
are proud to include The Tucson Police Department K-9 Unit as one of our satisfied clients.

Visit us online at http://www.phoenixk-9.com

Phoenix K-9 Qualifications
Graduate, Master Dog Trainer Course, National K-9 Learning Center School for Dog Trainers, Columbus, Ohio
Professional Member, International Association of Canine Professionals
Member, National K-9 Association of Professional Dog Trainers
Arizona Department of Game and Fish Licensed Wildlife Service Provider
Registered Veterinary Technician