14k Gold Diamond Marquise Round Baguette Ladies Wedding Set Ring

Aquamarine Jewelers
5136 Arden Way
Carmichael, CA 95608
United States


14k Yellow Gold Diamond Marquise Round Baguette Ladies Wedding Set Ring

.5 carat prong set marquise with .5 carat of channel set rounds and prong set baguette Diamonds

1 carat total weight, thick, heavy band, weighs 6.8 grams, solitaire with accents, cluster

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Aquamarine Jewelers
5136 Arden Way, Carmichael, CA 95608
(916) 483-5474

Vintage Estate Not Scrap Pawn Large stones and prongs in very good condition Promise Ring, engagement, engagment, wedding, weding, gift, birthday, graduation gift, mother's, mothers day, mom, grandma, grandmother, grand, girl, lady, woman, women, womens, women's, pawn, dead pawn, unique, unusual, one of a kind, ooak, sparkle, sparkling, sparkly, colors flash, diamond ring size approximately 6.5 or 7, solid gold can be sized up or down, excellent price don't pay retail price, better value, would appraise much higher than I am selling for. Asking about 30% of old appraisal value. Quality stones much better quality than your average big box store ring price, Save money and buy her this ring She will Love it, high quality, custom channel set, wide band, Ladies, womens, Tiffany style, inspired, overstock, rare, similar to Zales, no GIA or EGL appraisal, verified, estimate, price reduced, wholesale, sale, sell asap, need gone soon, Not certified IGI leo cut halo Jared Tacori Stamped Verragio Hallmarked Blue Nile natural kay's earth mined shane & co Gabriel and co., below, clean, mint, band, vs, si, dress, multi, Ring: rinf, rung, rang, rind, rinn, rinng, rring, rign, rin, rig, rng, ing, Wedding: wedsing, weddind, weeding, weddiing, weddding, weddding, wwedding, weddign, weddin, weddig, weddng, weding, weding, edding, Engagement: engagenent, engagememt, emgagement, engsgement, engagemeny, engagemenr, engagemrnt, rngagement, engagemwnt, wngagement, engagemeent, engagemment, engaggement, enggagement, eengagement, engagemetn, engagemnet, engagmeent, enaggement, negagement, engagemen, engagemet, engagemnt, engagment, engaement, enggement, enagement, egagement, ngagement, Anniversary: anmiversary, anbiversary, annibersary, annicersary, anniverdary, snniversary, annoversary, annuversary, anniversaru, anniversart, annivrrsary, anniversiry, annaversary, anniversaay, anniverrary, anniveesary, anniversarry, anniverssary, anniverrsary, anniiversary, annniversary, annniversary, aanniversary, anniversray, anniverasry, annivesrary, annviersary, aninversary, anniversar, anniversay, anniversry, anniverary, annivesary, annivrsary, anniersary, annversary, aniversary, aniversary, nniversary, Jewelry: hewelry, jewrlry, jewelly, jewellry, jewerly, jewlery, jewelr, jewely, jewery, jewlry, jeelry, jwelry, ewelry, Vintage: vibtage, vintahe, vintafe, vintsge, vontage, vinyage, vinrage, vintagr, vintige, vantage, vintade, vvntage, vintagee, vintaage, vinttage, vinntage, viintage, vvintage, vintaeg, vintgae, vinatge, vitnage, vnitage, vintag, vintae, vintge, vinage, vitage, vntage, intage, Fashion: fashiom, fasgion, fadhion, fsshion, fashipn, fashuon, fishion, fassion, fashioon, fashiion, fashhion, fasshion, faashion, fashoin, fasihon, fahsion, fsahion, fashio, fashin, fashon, fasion, fahion, fshion, ashion, Filigree: filagree, fillgree, filigreee, filigreee, filligree, filgiree, fiilgree, fliigree, filigre, filigre, filigee, filgree, fiigree, fligree, iligree, Freeform: freefprm, freefrom, freefor, freefom, freefrm, freeorm, freform, freform, feeform, reform, Free Form: free firm, freeeform, free from, free for, free fom, Princess: primcess, princesd, princesa, proncess, princees, princesss, princesss, princeess, princcess, prinncess, priincess, prrincess, pprincess, prinecss, pricness, prnicess, pirncess, princes, princes, priness, pricess, prncess, pincess, rincess, Ladies: lasies, ladied, ladues, ladiess, laddies, ladeis, laides, ladie, ladis, lades, laies, ldies, Women: wonen, womem, wimen, womwn, wemen, womenn, wommen, womne, woemn, owmen, wome, womn, wmen, omen, Handmade: handnade, hamdmade, habdmade, gandmade, hanfmade, handmase, hansmade, handmsde, hsndmade, handmadw, handmage, hangmade, handmadd, handmadee, handmadde, handmaade, handmmade, handdmade, hanndmade, haandmade, hhandmade, handamde, hanmdade, hadnmade, hnadmade, handmad, handmae, handmde, handade, hanmade, hadmade, hndmade, andmade, Diamond: dianond, diamomd, diamonf, diamons, dismond, diampnd, diamind, doamond, duamond, diamend, diamong, giamond, biamond, diamonnd, diamoond, diammond, diiamond, ddiamond, diamodn, diamnod, diaomnd, dimaond, daimond, diamon, diamod, diamnd, diaond, dimond, damond, iamond, Simulated: sinulated, simulates, dimulated, simulsted, sumulated, similated, simulatrd, samulated, zimulated, simultaed, simualted, simluated, simulate, simulatd, simulted, simlated, Gemstone: genstone, gemstome, gemstobe, femstone, gemdtone, gematone, gemstine, gemsyone, gemsrone, gemstonr, jemstone, gemstonee, gemsstone, ggemstone, gemstoen, gemstnoe, gemsotne, gemtsone, gesmtone, gmestone, gemston, gemstoe, gemstne, gemsone, gemtone, gmstone, Unusual: unuaual, unusial, unisual, inusual, unuswal, unusuall, unussual, unnusual, unusaul, unsuual, unusua, unusul, unusal, unuual, unsual, uus, Unique: ubique, unuque, uniqie, inique, uniquw, uniquo, uniquue, uniique, unnique, uniuqe, unqiue, uinque, uniqu, uniqe, uniue, unque, uique, nique)