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Have you recently replaced an old appliance, and now you're trying to find the simplest way to get rid of it? Bulky appliances are not only difficult to move, but finding an easy and environmentally friendly option for disposing of them is a challenge. At 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, our junk removal experts are happy to help.


When you're ready to dispose of your old appliance, simply give us a call or use our convenient online booking tool to schedule a pickup time. In many cases, we are able to provide same-day service. When our friendly, uniformed junk removal experts arrive to your home or business, we will discuss items that need to go and provide you with a no-obligation, all-inclusive price quote.

Our quotes are written and guaranteed, so you never have to worry about unexpected fees. Then, we'll take your appliances from wherever they are; no need to move them yourself, we'll take care of the entire job. We'll sweep up after ourselves, and then we'll be on our way.


Honolulu's weekly trash pickup may be willing to take your old appliance, but is the landfill really the best destination for it? Appliances are made of metal, a finite resource that is expensive, time-consuming, and potentially hazardous to the environment to extract. Because metal is so easily recycled and reused, it should never end up in a landfill.

Additionally, the wiring in your old appliance contains heavy metals that, when disposed of in a landfill, can find their way into our soil and waterways. This has a significant impact on plant and animal life. Sending your old appliance to a recycling facility is a far better option.

At 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, we're dedicated to handling your working and nonworking appliances in a way that is socially and environmentally responsible. Once we've taken your old appliances, we will donate everything in safe, working condition to a local charity. Appliances that cannot be donated will be taken to a designated recycling facility. We're as committed as you are to keeping our city beautiful; in fact, we recycled before it was cool!


Are you reaching out on behalf of an apartment complex, a senior community, a college campus, or anywhere else where a bulk pickup is required? We can help! When you contact us, just let us know how many appliances need to go, and we'll assemble a team of old appliance disposal experts. We'll arrange for a pickup at a time that fits into your busy schedule, causing as little disruption to your day as possible.


At 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, we aren't just your Honolulu old appliance disposal service providers. Our junk removal experts can help you get rid of any type of junk, enabling you to free up space and simplify your life in record time. We can haul away anything that can be lifted and loaded onto our truck by two able-bodied junk removal experts. We'll take care of the entire job; you don't even have to gather anything up. Just point and junk disappears!

Items that we can take include:

Office equipment and furniture
Yard waste
Renovation and construction debris
Mattresses and bedroom furniture
Living room and dining room furniture|
Scrap metal
Tools, auto parts, and old tires
Old collections
Paper clutter
Unwanted clothing
Unwanted or broken electronics
And more!

Once we've collected your unwanted items, we'll even sweep up after ourselves. With 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, it's easier than ever to say, "Goodbye junk. Hello relief!"

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