► $12/hr SOCIAL MEDIA and WEB DESIGN (plus Calls, Marketing, Admin+)

Hi all,

My name is Lei and I work with a team of virtual assistants and marketing professionals helping business owners across the United States.

If you find yourself bogged down with the day-to-day activities involved in running your business, then you are likely aware of the negative impact it can have on your business and its growth.

Our clients love us because we offer a comprehensive plug-and-play option that helps them in several categories:

Branding (Website / Social Media)
Social Media (creating content)
Blogging (helps you improve presence online and build credibility)
Websites (design, updating products, content, etc)
Here are some design samples:
Customer Support (Receptionist)
Email Management (sending, forwarding, organizing)
Help Desk (answering clients’ questions)
Calls (Answering and screening)
Marketing (Lead Generation)
Email and SMS (Text) (regularly scheduled content created and list nurtured)
Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc)
Search Engine (Google, Bing)
Administration (Office Manager)
Document Preparation (presentations, Word documents, etc)
Research (competitor research, market research, etc - compiled in the format of your choice)
Data Entry (data scraping, etc)
Calendar (Management and booking)
Finance (Bookkeeper)
Expense Tracking
Graphics & Audio (Media)
Image Editing
Video Editing
Audio Editing

CONTACT US via email, phone or text for more info!

About Us
We have over 12 years of experience in the field and pride ourselves in our adherence to quality and effectiveness. Each project is assigned a specialized representative as well as a Project Manager to triple-check for quality.

Launch and scale at lightning speeds
The recent pandemic has spawned a burgeoning industry of virtual support that is making others in your space more agile and prolific. Businesses have now been able to scale at lightning fast speeds as entrepreneurs now have a team at their disposal that allows them to cover more ground and focus on the things that generate more income for their business.

We are currently expanding and are looking to take on 5 more clients that fit the criteria that we can grow with and help advance beyond their current limitations.

If you think you would be a good fit, please CONTACT US via phone, email or text so we can discuss!

RatesOur rates are super competitive due to our focus on creating a solid, well-adapted foundation and run as low as $12/hr (compared to the going rate of $25/hr)

Avoid the headache
Getting good help can be difficult if you’re sourcing it yourself. Not to mention, hiring a traditional employee in-house comes with the strain of employment taxes, insurance, sick days, and other compliance requirements that can make it more difficult than is necessary.

Eliminate it all by going with an option that requires minimal input to set up.

Our assistants have worked with entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries:
Startups & Small Businesses
Real Estate Agents

Consultants & Life Coaches
eCommerce Owners
Solar Professionals
Insurance Agents

Medical Professionals, etc

Let us know how we can help you.

Shoot me an email, call, or text me today for more info!
We’d be happy to help.

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