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Why Extensions?????

There are various reasons for extensions. For some, extensions are utilized as a way to protect their hair while they are transitioning through big chop, color damage, breakage, or medically induced alopecia. For others and I want to say in my opinion most fall into this category; extensions are utilized for change, sassy fun, and beauty enhancement.

Whatever your reasons behind getting extensions I would like to share some of the methods out there and also
methods I specialize in. My name is Aisha and I'm a hair artist and I specialize specifically in extensions, I have been
doing hair for over ten years. I originally learned extensions in California, taking classes in Chicago and Indianapolis. I
am versed in the latest methods of extensions. I provide extension education for other stylist so that we collectively
can grow as an industry. I update my skills often so that I am constantly staying abreast of all the latest and greatest

Being a hair artist is a secondary career for me so what that means is I am not money driven, I do hair because I
love it. The benefit of doing hair for love of the art is you are able to be honest and open about methods that will best
suit your client. It isn't just about telling your client what they want to hear it's about listening to the client and coming
up with hair ideas that will be beautiful and healthy for the client.

Quick basics:
Extension hair can be 100% human, partially human or blended, or there is synthetic hair.
Extension methods fall into three categories, permanent or reusable(extended period of time), semi permanent
(constant wear for 1-3 months), and temporary extensions (example: tape in, or clip in method)

Are Extensions damaging?

Properly installed and removed extensions are not damaging. If installed or removed improperly all methods of
extensions can be damaging. It's important to have extensions whether done by someone else or DIY to be done the
proper way.

Extension Methods:

Sew in- hair is attached via braid and weft or hair extension is sewn onto braid. This is one of the oldest methods and is the safest if done properly,
Signs of it being done improperly are: excessive pain, pulling, or redness.
Common signs are tenderness for first couple days, slight tension or minor discomfort during install.
This method works best on people with fine to thick hair depending on the braid pattern and track placement. I have been doing hair for years so I normally assess the hair utilize a braiding pattern that will work well for my client hairs and objectives for style. Sew in method is considered semi permanent.
Hair or extensions that I recommend for this style are Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, Russian hair. Great sites to purchase if you're in Seattle Queens beauty supply, Tacoma Hair Art on 84th St, Olympia Kings Beauty. Great websites for hair:,,, Hailey's curls, Allie Express

Fusion- there are three types of fusion: hot fusion is where a cluster of natural hair is attached to a cluster of extension hair via Kera protein glue. Normally the types of extension used are pre-tipped U tip extensions however client can utilize bulk hair or existing permanent extension hair. Removal method is using acetone based gel which breaks down the bond and extension slides out. It is very important to remove Kera protein the proper way, hurriedly removal is not recommend as it can cause significant damage. Take your time and allow bonds to dissolve as products are intended. This method is considered permanent and hair purchased is normally reusable. This method lasts from 2 to 4 months and up to six months.
Maintenance is very important for this method so it's important combing through the bonds with fingers, make sure to style hair with flat iron or curling iron beneath the bond as styling without that can cause bonds to stick together

Micro bead fusion-is a form of cold fusion where a cluster of client's hair is attached to cluster of extension via nano shell or micro bead. The type of extensions used are I tip extension. Hair is removed by turning Nano or bead in opposite direction, pinching with fusion tool and sliding bead and extension off of client's hair. Adjustments are done by turning bead on pinched side and pinching slightly to open, pushing extension back up to just below client root and re pinching down with tool. This method lasts around 6 weeks to 6 months with regular adjustments.

Micro weft Fusion (also known as braid less fusion) a base is created with micro beads and client's hair is sewn through beads. Removal is done similar to micro bead individual fusion as well adjustments. Advantage to this method is the fact that more hair can be placed in client's hair creating more volume and better coverage of clients who are transitioning from blunt hair cuts to extensions. This method lasts from 3½ weeks to 6 weeks before adjustment is needed. With proper adjustments this method can lasts months.

Where can I purchase hair for Fusion in Town???
Western Beauty Supply, B&I, The hair shop, Hair Art, Queens Beauty supply,, Sallys Beauty
Online,,,,amazon, Allie express

Micro Braid Weave this methods resembles a head full of micros or individual braids with the perimeter done in micros as the middle is weave. This method is very time consuming however it's worth the wait as people will always love micro-braids and the seamless blending.

Tape or Weft Extension- this method attaches extensions with a sticker concept to your natural hair. The bonding agent utilized in the tape extensions securely keeps extensions in place and allows normally styling swimming etc. This method is considered temporary as it doesn't adhere as long as the other methods. This method lasts roughly 3 to 6 weeks before needing to be completely removed and replaced.
Where can I purchase hair for Tape or Weft Extensions??
Sallys Beauty,

Please ask about my methods for people suffering from excessive thinning, cancer patients, people suffering from alopecia or track alopecia. The method is individually tailored so consultation is needed.


I welcome your questions and your business. Why pick me??? Because I care about quality results and genuinely enjoy making you look beautiful.


Please fill free to utilize any of the information I have supplied future clients, if you need help learning a method I offer classes, if you are in the middle of an install and run into a problem, im available to help out. Lets create a sisterhood which blesses are clients. Thanks luvs!

I can be reached at 253-304-4758 anytime! Please text for prompt attention as I am often with clients. Thanks