Swim Coach

Washington, DC
United States

Hi. If you’re in need of a swim instructor/Swim coach I can be of help.

Cool. I Taught swimming my entire life — to infants, children, adults, seniors and those with physical or mental challenges. I have coached swim teams and participated in two World Cup swim meets.

If you’re preparing for a triathlon and need some work with the swimming portion, I can help you with that.
If your kids need to learn to swim, you yourself, or preparing your teenage for a lifeguard certification let me know.

I don’t mind traveling to you so long as it’s reasonable.

Call me if you have questions.
202-531-0365. Paris

Ps, no matter what age one is it’s never too late to learn to swim. Most of my dedicated students, are able to swim in less than 25/one hour sessions. By swim, I mean being able to demonstrate all 4 strokes and complete a minimal 100 meters non-stop in their preferred stoke.