Special Agent

Seattle, WA
United States

Interviewing a subject for an ongoing investigation in the morning, testifying in court before lunch, planning an operation in the afternoon and speaking at a community event in the evening. That’s just one day in the life of a Special Agent. Our agents seek out cyberthieves, infiltrate organized crime rings and oversee terrorism investigations, often training local, state and foreign counterparts on the latest technologies in intelligence gathering and data analysis.

All applicants must pass the physical fitness requirements, including medical and hearing standards and all phases of the FBI Physical Fitness Test (PFT). Selectees must be physically fit to complete training at Quantico and maintain a high level of physical fitness throughout their careers.

You will be responsible for enforcing more than 300 federal statutes, as well as conducting sensitive national security investigations. You’ll work to develop relationships within and across communities, protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States.

In an organization made up of careers like no other, being a Special Agent can be a lifelong career of uncommon days and amazing experiences.

You have great problem-solving skills, analytical skills and leadership experience and can get things done both in a demanding team environment and independently. Your ability to adapt to changing situations and clearly communicate across management, peer groups, external communities and stakeholders contribute to your ability to keep our nation safe. You’re naturally curious, yet always driven to find a solution. You are detail-oriented, yet remain strategic. You know how to objectively evaluate information and make sound judgments. Honesty and integrity are more than just words you use; they are the foundation of who you are. You take pride in making a difference in the communities you serve and bringing your background to the forefront to drive initiatives that impact our most important stakeholders: the American people.

In this role, you’ll be expected to use both established and innovative approaches to tackle some of the toughest challenges of our time. This opportunity should not be taken lightly. The FBI Special Agent position requires significant commitment and dedication from you and your family, but it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

Though individuals of all backgrounds are highly encouraged to apply, we’re specifically seeking individuals with the following skills:

SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING AND MATH (STEM): Encompasses these areas of study: Accounting, Forensic Science, Computer Technology, Cybersecurity, Electronics, Economics, Finance, Biometrics, Encryption, Data Science, Information Technology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer Forensics, Biology, and more. When people say STEM, you perk up because you know they are talking about you.
FOREIGN LANGUAGES: You may have been raised speaking a non-English language, taught it for a few years or even participated in intensive learning before going overseas to use it. You know that your language skills can make a difference. We’re looking for individuals fluent in Arabic, Yoruba, Mandarin, Tagalog, Russian, Spanish, Farsi, Punjabi, Pashtu, Urdu and other languages.
LAW: You are an experienced lawyer and seek out new and creative ways to push for change that matters. You use your background in corporate, intellectual property (IP), family, immigration, environmental, criminal or commercial law to do good work; work that asks you to think of something bigger than yourself.
LAW ENFORCEMENT AND MILITARY: You work in law enforcement or in the military and have been making your way up the ranks for the past few years. You raise challenging questions that demand practical answers. Detective, SWAT, helicopter/jet/rescue pilot, K-9 handler, bomb tech, operational paramedic or otherwise, when you think about your career, you know that the FBI is the next step for you.
EDUCATION/EDUCATORS: Whether you’re a college or university professor (tenured, adjunct or otherwise), a faculty member or an elementary, middle or high school teacher, you have a gift for relating with individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Your teaching skills make you methodical and you can consolidate comprehensive information into strategic, analytical lesson plans. Your skills will easily translate to the Special Agent career, where you’ll enhance your team’s understanding of threats, vulnerabilities and gaps by investigating matters and building relationships with communities and individuals from all walks of life.

In order to become an FBI Special Agent, you must:

Adhere to strict standards of conduct, foremost being honesty and integrity.
Endure a rigorous background investigation, credit checks and a polygraph in order to obtain a Top Secret Clearance.
Pass a Physical Fitness Test (PFT) at least twice during the application process. Selectees must be physically fit to complete training at Quantico and maintain a high level of physical fitness throughout their careers.
Pass a medical exam which includes, but is not limited to, meeting visual and hearing standards.
Successfully complete approximately 20 weeks of employment as a Special Agent trainee, while housed at the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA.
Upon graduation from the FBI Academy, be available to transfer to one of the FBI's 56 Field Offices, including San Juan, Puerto Rico or remote resident agencies (satellite offices) to meet the needs of the FBI. Special Agents rarely return to their processing office. Applicants should ensure that their families are prepared for and support this move.
Throughout your career, be available for temporary duty assignments, anywhere in the world, on either a temporary or a long-term basis.
Work a minimum of a 50-hour workweek, which may include odd hours, and be on call 24/7, including holidays and weekends.
Be willing and able to participate in arrests, execute search warrants, raids and similar assignments.

Minimum Qualifications

Must be at least 23 years old and have not reached your 37th birthday on appointment.
Must have a bachelor's degree or master’s degree from a U.S.-accredited college or university.
Must be able to obtain a Top Secret Clearance.
Must possess a valid driver's license with at least six months of driving experience.
Must meet the FBI’s physical fitness requirements.
Must commit to serving as a Special Agent for a minimum of three years.

All Special Agent applicants must also have at least two years of full-time professional work experience unless they qualify for a work experience waiver. Work experience showing progressive growth, leadership and responsibility is preferred.

For more information about the Special Agent Selection System, physical fitness requirements and work experience waivers, please visit https://fbijobs.gov/career-paths/special-agents.

Applicants must follow the federal Resume Template available at www.fbijobs.gov when submitting their application.

The FBI is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for this vacancy. Except where otherwise provided by law, selection will be made without regard to, and there will be no discrimination because of color, race, religion, national origin, political affiliation, marital status, parental status, physical or mental disability, genetic information, age, sex, sexual orientation, membership or non-membership in an employee organization, or on the basis of personal favoritism, or any other non-merit factors.