Security Account Manager

Prime Protective Bureau
New York City, NY 10007
United States

The Account Manager is responsible to supervise the Security Officer work force for multiple locations with respect to staffing, performance, training, communicating with our customer to meet their ongoing security needs and other operation requirements in fulfilling Prime Protective Bureau's goal of providing exceptional security services that will meet or exceed the client's expectations.


Supervise the Security Officer work force with respect to staffing, scheduling and performance
• Develop and maintain accurate schedules for each location
• Schedule staffing to ensure all posts are filled in a timely manner and contract requirements are met
• Train newly hired Security Officers before assignment to any regularly scheduled assignment
• Communicate with the client and the Security Officers to ensure posts are properly staffed and information is shared
• Assure Security Officers meet contract qualifications and possess the abilities to perform the expected services
• Respond to and manage attendance and initiate disciplinary action with respect to company policy
• Respond to call outs and late arrivals to assure all post are properly covered and schedules are updated
• Ensure monthly onsite training's are completed and critical files of employees are updated
• Manage overtime to meet parameters of the contract
• Conduct security meetings at locations and periodically hold conference calls with Security Officers
• Communicate with Dispatch regularly all changes and updates in real-time to assure accurate scheduling data
• Conduct regular inspections of the guard force to include off hour and weekend visits to client’s locations
Facilitate leaves of absence
• Initiate the process with Human Resources to make first report of injury and/or facilitate any leaves of absence to include: FMLA, state leave, disability, workers compensation, other unpaid leave of absence etc.
Assist in hiring decisions
• Interview applicants and make final recommendations on hiring decisions
• Document recommendations
• Ensure applicants meet requirements of the contract and schedule
Facilitate the client relationship
• A liaison, respond to client questions, issues, complaints directly or indirectly
• Onsite inspections of locations
• Meet with and communicate with client regularly and complete client contact reports
Facilitate payroll
• Maintain accurate schedules and update schedules as needed
• Approve and certify weekly hours to Payroll
• Research, resolve and approve payroll discrepancies
• Manage overtime to meet parameters of the contract
Manage the security officer work force with respect to disciplinary actions
• Proactively identify, address and document disciplinary actions up to and including final warnings
• Make documented recommendations for employment actions including suspensions, termination, transfer etc.
• Maintain violations record keeping
• Represent the company at unemployment hearings
• Address uniform issues with Security Officers
• Ensure Security Officers are wearing issued ID cards, black belts and black footwear
• Ensure Security Officers are in complete uniform and represent the company and client well.
• Ensure the proper grooming of the Security Officers
Distribute and enforce policies
• Facilitate distribution and communication of policies and procedures

Knowledge/Skills/Abilities Required
• Proficient in Microsoft Office
• Proficient in Excel
• Proficient use of Windows computers and tablets
• Professional level of verbal and written communication skills
• Proven ability to communicate tactfully regardless of the circumstances at all levels
• Organized with an attention to detail
• Able to follow-up in a timely manner
• Ability to plan, organize and prioritize
• Able to develop and foster a meaningfully business relationship with customers
• Able to work independently with a high level of success and competency
Working Conditions
• Able to sit at and work on a computer for extended periods
• Able to lift 10 pounds and reach/bend to retrieve documents in cabinets and on shelves
• Able to walk through a work site and stand for up to 4-8 hours at a time
• On call 24-hours, 7 days a week
• Respond to incidents or conduct training in the late evenings, off hours and weekends
Work Environment
• Typical office and field environment
• Willing and able to work additional hours as needed to ensure responsibilities are met to include taking after hour calls for call outs, incidents or other issues at locations
Minimum Qualifications
• HS Diploma required, but an Associate degree or higher and 3 years of experience in a similar position in management is perferred
• Dispatch experience is a plus
• Must have and maintain a valid driver’s license during employment
• Must have a reliable vehicle for the purpose and use to commute to meetings, training's and site inspections.

Company Description
Prime Protective Bureau is a well respected security agency that has provided security services in the NYC Metropolitan area for well over 19 years. We are the leader in providing quality security services by supporting our employees in the day to day security operations. Our focus and success is a result of training, supervision and supporting the needs of our security officers to meet each clients unique security goal.