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New York City, NY
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Designli is a leading digital product studio ( We specialize in the rapid prototyping of new software concepts, bringing our clients from 'Vision to V1' as quickly and effectively as possible.

We specialize in building iPhone apps, Android apps, and Web apps.

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Why hire Designli for your next app or website project? Here are some benefits of working with our talented team:

--> We’ve Been There.
In just over four years we've founded our own start-up, built over 100 app projects for our clients, and created proprietary software to make our own business more efficient.
So if you need help growing your new venture, or want to lift your existing business to new heights with the help of custom applications, we're the team for you.

--> Boldly Transparent.
We know how easy it is for complex projects like custom applications to go over budget. We don't want that to happen to you.
At Designli, we've crafted our development processes for maximum efficiency and transparency, helping you manage your costs and keeping you up to date on your project in case anything may affect the bottom line.

--> A Model For Success.
We've crafted a modular approach to conceptualizing, designing, implementing, and - most importantly - iterating on custom software projects over time. Our process, which starts with our proprietary SolutionLab roadmapping session, helps us ensure the success of our clients time and time again.
Don't leave the success of your digital product to chance. Our team accelerates your learning curve and guides you past the many potholes of building custom software.

--> Attentiveness as a Priority.
You and your project are important to us. Once we kick things off, you'll receive updates on your project in two ways.
First, your project manager - who knows and understands your businesses' goals - will be available to you whenever you need during each phase of development.
Second, we'll track progress and time input against our structured breakdown of work and expected timeline on a weekly basis. This focuses on creating clarity and honest expectations for everyone involved.

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