iPhone broken glasses FIX

Decatur, GA
United States

Our company is an honest, dependable, licensed and trusted company. Contact us today! We're high experts that are experienced take pride in all that individuals do. *30000* Cellphone REPAIRS was done in Atlanta.

iPhone 7 plus camera LENS REPAlR-$50

Broken Glass Repair Prices
iPhone 5/5S/5C/SE-$40
iPhone 6/6Plus-$50
iPhone 6s/6S plus-$50
*iPhone 7/7Plus-$60
NEW iPhone 8/8Plus-$89
iPad 2/3/4-$50

iPad Air-$60
iPad mini 1/2-$70
iPad MiNI 3-$80

S3/S4/note2 Glass Repair-$50
S5 Cracked Glass-$60
S6 Cracked Glass-$80
S7 Cracked Glass-$90
Note 3/4 Cracked Glass-$60
Note 5 Cracked Glass-$80

Decatur: 678-558-5057
(inside the North Dekalb Mall)

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