Intern - Law

Peabody Energy
Saint Louis, MO 63190
United States

Program Summary:
Interns will provide supplemental staffing for short-term projects for legal department, with a special focus on litigation, administrative law and energy law. The intent is to provide work experience for law students. Additionally, we hope to promote good will of the Company to the community.
Program Parameters

Interns are paid. If they can obtain credit from their universities, the Legal Department will accommodate the process if possible; however, unpaid internships will not be supported due to FLSA concerns.

Parking is also provided as a benefit to the interns

Interns can be provided with either part-time or full-time work, depending on the needs of the Legal Department. Work performed by interns should be on-site, and must be under the supervision of a licensed attorney.

Interns may not work more than 40 hours per week.

Appropriate work Assignments for interns include:

Reviewing and drafting documents under the supervision of a lawyer