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Adia is a free platform to book your hourly workforce on demand. We help businesses run their day-to-day operations with an easy way for you to find flexible workers when you need them. Every worker is fully vetted and employed by Adia, meaning we cover everything from HR and compliance risk, to payroll and benefits - so you don’t have to. And we put you in the driver’s seat, with full control and transparency over your booking. In short, we put your business at the center of the gig economy.

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On demand

You’ll receive a pool of vetted workers in seconds, vs. days or weeks through staffing agencies.


Find the workers you need at the tap of a button. We’ll handle payroll and timesheets – all in the same easy-to-use portal.


Rather than wondering if your staffing agency will deliver, you can be the boss of your own booking. Define pay rates, and watch your roles get filled in real time.


Book workers when you need them, and make changes on the fly.


We’ve got HR and compliance built in. Our workers are W-2 employees of Adia, meaning we take on all the risk – so you don’t have to.

Adia welcomes a variety of businesses who have worked with staffing agencies, temp staffing agencies, and flexible staffing companies, as well as gig economy platforms such as Wonolo, Shiftgig, Jobble, and more. Adia workers come from all backgrounds and industries including but not limited to; actor, actress, admin, administrative, administrative, artist, assistant, attendant, barista, BOH, brand ambassador, bartender, buffet attendants, bus boy, busboy, busboy, busser, cabbie, cash handlers, catering, creative industry workers, cab driver, cab-driver, chauffeur, dishwashers, dish washer, driving and transportation, professional cleaner, cleaners, clerical, coffee, college student, concession stand, construction, contractor, contract worker, country club staff, courier, customer service, customer service agent, cyclist, data entry, data-entry, delivery driver, designer, drivers, education, entry level, entry-level, event staff, events, expo, finance, food runner, food-runner, foodrunner, FOH, freelancer, freelance worker, full time, full-time, gig economy user, golf course staff, health care, healthcare, host, hostess, hosts, hospitality worker, hotel, housekeeper, human resources, human-resources, independent contractor, intern, interns, IT, limo driver, maid, maintenance, management, manager, manufacturing, marketing, messenger, motel, musician, network marketing, nurse, office, on-demand driver, part time, part-time, private hire driver, product test, product research, receptionist, receptionists, restaurant, retail, retail associate, sales, sales person, salesperson, seasonal worker, server, servers, stadium usher, summer job seeker, teacher, teachers, temp, ticket takers, ticket scanners, valet, valets, waiter, waiters, waitresses, warehouse, writer, worker. Don't wait - Join Adia today and book unlimited jobs on demand!

To request a demo call 469-716-4349
Or email sales@adia.com
and reply with the best phone number to reach you at.