Frank’s Soup Bowl

3580 Bronxwood Ave.
Bronx, NY 10469
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Every day we have the pleasure of serving our family made recipes that you can serve with your loved one!

For over 35 years our family owned, and operated restaurant has been serving great tasting authentic Jamaican cuisine.

From locals, to customers who have traveled from all over the world; to your favorite athletes, celebrities and entertainment personalities!

It is easy to see why we appreciate our loyal customers and happily welcome new faces and fans, which we have the privilege to serve on a daily basis.

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Frank’s Soup Bowl
3580 Bronxwood Ave.
Bronx NY 10469
United States
Jamaican-Style Chicken Soup
Like many other island dishes, Jamaican chicken soup was born of location and the need to feed large groups with ingredients on hand. However, our Jamaican-style chicken soup proves that good-tasting food doesn’t have to be expensive. We use the freshest ingredients to create a rich, tasty soup that appeals to all your senses.
Sometimes called Caribbean chicken soup, this flavorful mix uses herbs and spices to enhance the chicken’s flavor. Slow and low cooking tenderizes the meat for a bowl that’s full of richness and aroma. Though most places around the world have chicken soup recipes, we think ours is one of the best!
Most Jamaican chicken soups start out with a mashed pumpkin base, to which chicken broth, butter, thyme, scallions, and Scotch bonnet peppers are added. Our soup may contain various chicken pieces as well as Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, dumplings, and chunks of corn on the cob. It’s really a one-dish meal!

Soup is a common dish in Jamaica, and it’s found on most local restaurant menus. On the island, Saturdays are “soup days”, and this dish is a great choice for lunch or dinner. Stop by our location at 3580 Bronxwood Ave Bronx, NY 10469 and we’ll bring the flavor of the island right to your table!