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Essentials of Negotiation, Sixth Edition, a condensed version of the main text, Negotiation, Seventh Edition, explores the major concepts and theories of the psychology of bargaining and negotiation and presents the best and most recent work on negotiation and the related topics of power, influence, and conflict management. Major changes to this education include elevated prominence for the section on negotiator ethics; expanded treatment of negotiation with long-term relationships; and updated contemporary examples of negotiation issues in each chapter. Fueled by LearnSmart®, SmartBook has been added for this edition. It is the first and only adaptive reading experience available today, helping students distinguish what they know from what they don't, and honing in on concepts they are most likely to forget, personalizing content for each student. Essentials of Negotiation can be used as either a stand-alone text or in combination with its newly revised companion book, Negotiation: Readings, Exercises, and Cases, Seventh Edition, to form a comprehensive learning system. To learn more, please visit: Using Create, McGraw-Hill Education's custom publishing service, instructions can build a text tailored to individual course needs incorporating materials from all of the texts in this series. Book jacket.

by Bruce Barry, Roy J. Lewicki, David M. Saunders

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Format Paperback Book, 320 pages Language English
Publisher McGraw-Hill Education - Europe (Nov. 1st, 2014) Edition Unknown
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