Chipotle Now Hiring General Manager- Greater Long Island Area

Chipotle Mexican Grill
Lawrence, NY
United States

At Chipotle, we are committed to creating a performance based culture that leads to the best restaurant experience possible for our employees and our customers. We also believe in developing our people and promoting from within. It is essential that anyone hired into this role will establish themselves as a top performer, develop their team quickly, and move into the next leadership role of Restaurateur.

A successful Chipotle restaurant is fully staffed with only top performing crew and managers, whose constant effort to perform excellent work elevates each individual, the team, and Chipotle. The whole team is aware of and is living up to Chipotle s high standards by serving great food and providing an exceptional customer experience. All of the people on the team feel empowered and fully responsible for the success of the entire team and the restaurant; we call this dynamic restaurant culture Restaurateur.

The primary responsibility of the General Manager is to set and achieve the highest standard in all areas of restaurant management which includes ensuring excellent customer service, team development, high quality foods, food safety, store cleanliness, and maximum profitability.

What You Will Need:

All of Chipotle s 13 characteristics: Happy, Smart, Polite, Infectiously Enthusiastic, High Energy, Honest, Curious, Motivated, Ambitious, Presentable, Conscientious, Respectful, and Hospitable

Strong leadership skills and the ability to develop future leaders

Previous restaurant/retail management experience in a fast paced environment

The ability to speak, write, read, and understand the primary language(s) of the work location

Exceptional customer service skills

What You Will Do:

Train and develop crew and managers

Gain an understanding of what empowerment means and have the ability to empower your team

Aspire to make the people around you better and understand that your success is based off of the success of your team

Train your employees on the importance of our People Culture, Food Culture and Business Culture

Provide an exceptional customer experience by serving fresh and delicious food