Barista / General Restaurant

Dos Gringos Burritos
Carbondale, CO 81623
United States

Dos Gringos Burritos/Cafe Ole Coffee Shop is busier than ever...join us at the cafe in Carbondale. It's a flexible, fun and social job with good pay. Looking for full-time workers if possible. Must be reliable and friendly. Call Nelson 970-618-1345 or Kenna 970-366-6255, email us for application or stop by...588 Highway 133, Carbondale CO
Before you apply, know this..
-We have a small team. We like it that way. You MUST be a team player and know the harmony and efficiency of the team trumps your ego. If you're smart (of course you are) you already know this way works best for you and everyone else.
- If you come to work like that, we will bend over backwards to support you as an employee and a human being. We want you to be yourself and you will be treated with respect and dignity. DOS fosters long-term relationships, our employees have uncommon longevity and loyalty and it's mutual.
- Customer service is our number ONE priority. The customer is not always right, but the customer ALWAYS leaves happy. Happy customers are nice to you and they leave bigger tips. - The desire to learn is a must. Our people are expected to know our menu, our customers, their names, their usuals for the betterment of our restaurant, your employment enjoyment and your tips. We know it takes time and effort, but it's worth it.