Affordable Guitar Lessons For All Ages !!! First Lesson Free

Phoenix, AZ
United States

Teaching Objective and Lesson Structure-
As a Teacher it is my job to give my students material to practice that is essential to their growth, not solely as a
guitar player but as a musician. Lessons will usually be split into learning core fundamental material (theory,
chord progressions, technique) I think will be beneficial to the student's progress. The second half of the lesson
will be the student's choice in what he or she would like to learn (songs, solos, techniques, etc.)

If you are a beginner-
• Learn basic chords and progressions
• Learn how to practice effectively
• Learn basic rhythms and techniques
• Learn major, minor, and pentatonic scales
• Learn to play by using your ear

Are you stuck in a rut and tired of playing the same chords, riffs, and licks?
• Learn to understand modes and use them effectively to write more interesting guitar riffs and add interest to
your solos.
• Make your chord progressions more interesting by learning about secondary dominants, key modulations,
and chord substitutions.

Musical Background
• Studied for 7 years with Glen West a Graduate of GIT (Guitar institute of Technology) in Hollywood,
California (the same school Paul Gilbert graduated from)
• 10 years of playing experience
• Experience in playing styles of rock, metal, pop, country, blues, and jazz.

• First Lesson Is Free
• 30 minute lessons only $25 (Pay monthly for 4 30 minute lessons at only $80)
• 1 hour lessons only $45 ( Pay Monthly for 4 1 hour lessons at only $150)

Contact Info-
• Cell Phone- 623-693-8824
• Email-