.94 CT Pink Diamond Engagement/Wedding Ring Set

Chicago, IL
United States


I have beautiful pink diamond engagement ring and wedding ring set for sale. I bought the set new and it has never been worn before due to a break up a few years ago. Here are the specs for the two rings.

Engagement Ring: This ring is made of 10k white gold. It has small white diamonds on the side of the band. It also has small white diamonds in a heart shape beneath the main pink diamond. The setting of the pink diamond is made of Platinum which ensures a tight fit of the pink diamond and a very secure hold for this precious stone.

Wedding Ring: The wedding ring is an exact match to the engagement ring which together make a beautiful set. The wedding ring is also 10k white gold and has white diamonds across the band.

I bought this ring at a MSRP of $3,999.99. I'm looking to get $2,500 OBO. I am also willing to meet at a jewelry store of your choice to prove authenticity before purchase. Please feel free to email or text me with any further inquiries