28 y/o Tattoo Artist w/ yrs of exp (Hollywood/Weho)

Los Angeles, CA
United States

Hey I'm B. Long story short I did my very first piece on myself a few years back and haven't put the gun down since. I do house calls or I can have you at mine whatever is easier and can schedule around you if need be and can do same day appointments occasionally.
If you are considering getting some ink I'd be happy to discuss it with you and see if we can come to an agreement.
1) I don't do custom or free hand pieces, and I don't really have patterns due to the simple luxury of Google and the internet. When you find the piece you want when you contact me send it with the email please that way I can have an idea of the work you want and be able to get an accurate idea of what you want and give an accurate estimate.
2) Print out your pattern on just regular paper at the size you want the piece to be.
3) If we come to an agreement I'll take the pattern with me to prepare if for the appointment.

**I can do names, teams, chicks, skulls, faces, filler and pretty much anything else you could possibly want. Ask and you shall recieve.
I use all single use disposable needle cartridges, which means that everything that has to do with what goes in your skin is brand new and sealed in a sterile package and opened in front of you. I have everything I need to get the job done clean and efficient mannor and the equipment I have is all professional.

I dont do color***

Names - $ 40+
Team Logos,
Symbols, Zodiac etc.. - $80 +/-
Actual tattoo art - $ 150+
*I can do prices for whole body areas (sleeves, socks, chestplate, etc.) and varies.