1967 Rare Enstrom F-28A Helicopter #0008

Roseburg, OR
United States


1967 Rare Enstrom F-28A Helicopter #0008

Rare Enstrom F-28A Helicopter. ENSTROM HAS MAINTAINED A REPUTATION FOR SAFETY, VALUE AND PERFORMANCE! This Copter Many Parts Are Machined, Very Few Casted Parts. Makes For A Safer Ship
F-28A is a ruggedly constructed helicopter designed for easy servicing, minimum maintenance, dependability and economical operation. Affordable to fly and cheap maintenance compared to any other helicopters on the market.

This Helicopter is Fresh. This aircraft was designed for an economical family sightseeing helicopter.

There are Only a Few Timed Parts Which Makes This Helicopter Cheap To Fly. Most Parts are Based On Condition and have been inspected
Fuel Injected, Which Makes A Great Cheap Cruising Helicopter.

In Pictures Side Panels Are Off, Also In One Picture You Will See The Guages With Motor Running
3 place seating
All Origenal Basic Instrument Panel

Low hours - 1150
Fuel Injection Model HIO-360-CIB
95 hours, Powered by HIO-360-CIB Lycoming Engine, 153KW
95 hours Main Transmission
95 hours on Rear Rotor Transmission
All Log Books, Maintenance Manual, Fight Manual.
Some Extra Parts.

Crew: 1
Passengers: 2
Rotor Diameter:
34 ft.
Maximum Speed: 120 mph
Height: 9 ft. 2 in.
Empty Weight: 1,560 lbs.
Gross Weight: 2,600 lbs.
Maximum Gross Weight 2150 lbs, Useful Load 700 lbs,
he power plant ‑ a 205 shp Lycoming HIO‑360‑ClB driving a three‑blade, articulated metal rotor by means of a simple transmission system ‑ iThere are two fuel tanks with a total capacity of 115 liters (25.3 gallons). The semi­ monocoque aft fuselage section has a small vertical fin and two­ blade light alloy tail rotor.

Vintage Enstrom F-28 A #8 is a true classic! Popular for training, sport and light commercial aircraft or patrol craft.

Helicopter has recently undergone qualified IA and A&P inspections. Runs terrific, almost ready to fly. Only a few minor things left to do; blades need to be balanced, drive belt needs adjusted. Radio needs to be wired to headsets. A few other Minor Things.

Please only seriously interested questions. This is a special aircraft, it has been well taken care of. is in Southern Oregon.

Blades are on now but easy to remove and trailer for transport. or Finsh Here And Fly It Home.